Metal Free Dental Implants

Dr. Collins offers the use of 100% metal-free dental implants with cement-free connections.  Dr. Collins’ metal free implant of choice is the NobelPearl.  The NobelPearl is a ceramic, soft-tissue friendly alternative to titanium.  The material properties of NobelPearl’s ceramic implant are conducive to esthetic excellence.  This ceramic implant allows for soft-tissue attachment, natural harmony with the neighboring gums, and low plaque affinity.

The metal-free dental implant is a solution that provides proven strength for a successful result in ceramic dental implantology.  The metal free implant used by Dr. Collins is milled from strong Zirconia (ATZ) and has a sand-blasted & acid etched hydrophilic surface called ZERAFIL, which is proven to allow for successful osseointegration.  The NobelPearl implant is milled from a hot isostatic-pressed (HIP) zirconia (ATZ) blank, which are proven to be strong.  No thermal process (sintering) or finishing takes places after the final shaping of the external and internal implant geometry.  This manufacturing method enables a high level of dimensional precision and accuracy.

The NobelPearl has a unique high performance metal free screw allowing the crown to connect to the ceramic metal free implant with no metal inserts or metal abutment screws.  This innovative metal-free VICARBO screw is made of a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer and is designed for a strong ceramic-to-ceramic connection.  It allows for a cement-free crown connection avoiding the risks of intraoral cementation.

The NobelPearl 100% metal free dental implant is designed to support a natural soft-tissue appearance.  It’s white material is especially beneficial in patients with thin gums.  This zirconia dental implant has demonstrated a low plaque affinity for a low inflammatory response.  Studies support the use of zirconia’s ability to promote microcirculatory dynamics in peri-implant mucosa that are comparable to those around natural teeth.

The NobelPearl metal free dental implant has a broad range of application for replacement of individual or multiple teeth.  This zirconia metal free implant is intended to be surgically placed in the bone of the upper and lower jaw to provide support for prosthetic devices, such as artificial teeth, in order to restore esthetics and chewing function.  The ceramic implant can be used to replace single or multiple teeth.  It is intended for delayed loading, meaning the implant must heal a minimum of 4 months in the lower jaw and 6 months in the upper jaw before the tooth can be attached to the implant. 

NobelPearl 100% metal free dental implants are specially indicated for patients with metal allergies/intolerances and chronic illness due to metal allergies/intolerances.