Holistic Tooth Extractions

Holistic Extractions

Dr. Collins recognizes the close connection between oral health and each individual’s systemic health, immune system and cardiac health.  When performing a holistic extraction, the periodontal ligament (microscopic fibers that connect the tooth to the jawbone) and diseased tissue surrounding the tooth are removed to allow for rapid and complete healing.  The purpose of the holistic extraction is to minimize the chance of developing a cavitation in the bone.  Cavitations are empty areas within the bone that can harbor bacteria and toxins, and delay complete healing and resolution of the diseased tissue.  Holistic extractions require slightly more surgery for complete removal of the periodontal ligament, and up to 1mm of bone from around the entire socket.  This is usually done with a surgical bur to remove the infected bone and/or surrounding ligament to get down to good, healthy, bleeding bone, promoting natural blow flow into the area.  Ask Dr. Collins to discuss a holistic extraction to see if it is right for you.